About Shima


Shima. Our Story.

Beloved by estheticians in the know. A must-have favorite of celebrities. Shima is loved.

Derived from botanicals, perfected by research, proven by you. Because each of us is unique, our solutions are unique to us. Shima's line of uncompromisingly gentle and effective products is the core base for multiple combinations of solutions specific for your individual skincare needs. Not just from face to face but season to season, age to age. A product line that offers the just-you solutions for your ever-changing needs. Welcome to Shima.

Shima. Hopi For Love.

Scott Miller launched Shima in 2006 to provide clients with gentle, botanically derived skincare that really works. Ten years of research and development have gone into these remarkable products. A host of estheticians, makeup artists and lab technicians have joined forces to produce a line more versatile and effective than any we have ever encountered. Paraben-free and never tested on animals. Whatever your age, skin type or lifestyle. Com as you are. Shima has you covered.

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